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Aaliyah Archives News: MUGA SHOZOKU Official Trailer | A Short Film By Rashad Haughton

Hey #TeamAaliyah be sure to check out this short, Sci-Fi Japanese film titled 'MUGA SHOZOKU'which is written and directed by Rashad Haughton 😉 I’ve always loved Japanese cinema! Some of the best Sci-Fi and Horror films I’ve ever seen, all come from Japan! There are literally so many classics! 😄💕 For more details, the synopsis of the film based from the youtube video says...

"* * * Remi Winner Worldfest Houston
* * * Sitges Official Selection
* * * Asian Film Festival Dallas Official Selection
* * * Sapporo International Official Selection

In the wilderness of Iga, Japan, a young robotics student named, SHIN, ignores the warnings of his sensei, TAKU, and takes it upon himself to unleash the power of an ancient book called MUGA. This mysterious power is also desired by, RYU, of the ONISHI GROUP -- a military tech company that will destroy anything in its way to possess it."

Definitely sounds like something I would watch based on the description alone! I’m so proud of you Rashad! This looks dope already! I can't wait to see it! 😩👏 Peep the trailer below and be sure to spread the word! One love!  

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