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Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @getdizzy23: “I didn’t post this picture of myself & the late great Aaliyah to brag, but to rather reflect back to the kind of woman that has been forgotten about. Aaliyah was like the last of a dying breed, the natural woman. The woman who didn’t have the biggest breasts, the biggest butt, etc. but was perfectly fine with it. Girls everywhere wanted to be like Aaliyah. Many of us guys had Aaliyah as our dream girl, I know I did. I personally told her she was the finest woman on this earth! Lol. And Aaliyah didn’t have all that stuff, the fake body, the injections, etc. But now… It’s the "Age of the Kardashian” and it’s trending nationwide. Many women see themselves in comparison to someone with enhancements and all of a sudden feel like they’re not good enough. So they “upgrade”, thinking it will make their lives better, yet find themselves still depressed because their problems were much deeper than how they looked. Many don’t realize that they are good enough as they are and that God didn’t make a mistake when he made them. Remember, God is perfect and he made us in his image. Be happy about who you are and what you look like! Besides… Ladies, you shouldn’t want a guy that wants you for your body anyway. Upgrade who you are on the inside, fix your insecurities within, and get closer to looking like a reflection of Christ instead of the Kim Kardashians, the Nicki Minajs, and the Amber Roses of the world. It’s said that Satan was a beautiful angel when he was in Heaven. He was so vain, he tried to upstage God the same way that many girls upstage each other, and it eventually got him kicked out of Heaven. Just like real recognizes real, fake recognizes fake. If you want a real man, then you’ve got to be a REAL woman" | Wow….not only do I love this rare gem shared, I was really moved by your caption alone. Nothing but realness preached here! As a woman myself, I believe this is something that we need to teach the younger generation of girls and boys early on, otherwise they will just look at things around them from the media, reality tv etc... deeming it as normal, when it's not. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture, and an even more beautiful, deep caption...

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