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Aaliyah Archives News: One In A Million (A Special Fan Tribute)

As you all know, the 20th anniversary for the One In A Million album will be approaching in the next 4 months, and as a special tribute, one of my favourite #TeamAaliyah fan pages Maximum Aaliyah (a.k.a- Sabrina) has decided to create a special book which ALL of us can contribute to! :D For me personally, this is my favourite album out of all the Aaliyah albums for many reasons, since it really got me into her music.

So you're probably wondering right now, "How can I take part?" and "What do I have to do?" Well it's quite simple, Sabrina herself has listed a few things which she requires from all of us, so without further a due here goes...

1) Write a text about the album (e.g: How you knew about it, your favourite songs, your memories, etc... The text MUST contain at least 15/20 lines!

2) Take a picture of yourself with the CD, cassette, vinyl of 'One In A Million'. You can also add promo items from this era to your picture if you want to!

3) And finally... send them all to

Remember that this book will be sent to Ferncliff Cemetery, where Aaliyah's gravesite resides in New York. Sabrina will hopefully be visiting New York around end of August/beginning of September. If she is unable to go, the book will still be sent regardless, so don't miss out on a great opportunity for all of us fans to unite and come together in a positive way. Awhile ago, there was another anniversary tribute we did for the Age Ain't Nothing But A Number album which you can check out here. I think this is such an amazing idea and one which I will definitely contribute to. Thank you Sabrina for all that you do! You really live up to your fan page name 'Maximum Aaliyah' ;) :D

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