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A few days ago, Rashad tweeted some exciting news regarding an OFFICIAL (yes you read that correctly!) Aaliyah clothing/apparel line courtesy of UrbanOutfitters. Anyone who wishes to purchase please visit the link via... Remember, that by purchasing any Official Aaliyah merch, you are also helping towards the many charities that Aaliyah was fond of, including the memorial fund which is dear to everyone's hearts. So as you can see, this really is all for a good cause :o). 

If that's not all...literally just minutes ago, Rashad posted this tweet stating that there are yet more surprises for us in store...


Obviously as you can see by my reply, I'm so hyped! :D Lol! I'm willing to wait on greatness, but for those who lack patience, I will definitely keep you all posted on what's happening! ;)

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