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Aaliyah: Tommy Hilfiger Fashion show at Macy's in Brooklyn, NY (12th September, 1997)

Repost via @alwaysandforeveraaliyah: “I was so excited to see Aaliyah at this fashion show. Back then I didn’t have a fancy camera, but I still love my momentos. Just wanted to share one of the photos I took from that day. Aaliyah at Macy’s in Brooklyn, NY on 9/12/97. #aaliyah#oneinamillion #macys #fan #rare#tommyhilfiger #kidadajones” | Wow thanks for sharing with us all hun! You’re very blessed to of seen Aaliyah in the flesh! What I’d do to just have that moment! *sigh* and thanks to @diaryofaaliyahhaughton for tagging me

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