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"It's been a long time..." What's good everyone? 😊 I know I haven't been posting as much on here as much (my bad🙈) but I have been working on some stuff which still relates to our beloved Baby Girl, hence why I haven't. There's a lot of exciting things which I have in the works right now, and once all is revealed, I promise that the wait will all be worth it! So stay tuned! 😉 

Giving the circumstances, I thought it were best to post something on here just to let you guys know that if you do wanna catch us, we are active on both Instagram and Twitter. Unfortunately we are no long on Tumblr (we've had a lot of fans ask where we've gone from that side). A few months ago back in November 2019, our Tumblr page got deleted (if any of you guys missed that, peep my tweet from the link here. Or you can read below here...

We hope this answers any of our readers questions. And for all those who have sent emails, I will get back to you asap! We receive a lot of emails and try our best to reply back to everyone, so we ask kindly if you all can be patient. Thank you. With Aaliyah in our hearts. One Love ❤️

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  1. I heard abt this cool site months ago by aaliyah workers on fb.