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Aaliyah on BET show 'In Your Ear', 1995 (RARE Footage)

Hey fam! Apologies on the lack of posts on the site, as you all know I've been going through a lot of personal issues outside of the online world. However, I shall continue to keep y'all up to date on the latest, so as I play catch up, please be sure to share, comment, like and subscribe! A huge thank you to my big sis @aaliyahalways for bringing this rare footage to my attention as well as beatlemay via Youtube for uploading! As I was watching through the whole interview, I could not stop laughing at the shear sassiness, and confidence Aaliyah exuded. This is one of the many reasons why a lot of Aaliyah fans love her. She was more than just a singer, model and actress. Her personality alone was just so infectious, you just can't help but to love her! One thing is for certain though...they sure don't make them like her anymore... 🙏💚 Watch the full video below and enjoy to your hearts content!

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