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Happy 16th Anniversary to Aaliyah's Red Album!

Artwork by yours truly! 😊❤️

#Happy16thAnniversary to Aaliyah’s self titled album also known as the #RedAlbum and Aaliyah’s baby! 😄🎉❤ Every year I always try my best to make a tribute, so today I decided to represent our highest most exalted Queen as the mature woman she had become during this era and growth. With each year, and each caption, I always find myself describing and learning from this album in many different ways. It’s only as I’ve grown older, that I truly understand the deeper meaning behind the lyrics Aaliyah and #StaticMajor conveyed to us all. With each listen, I’m constantly learning new things from each track on this album, and how much of an impact she truly made in such a short amount of time. The fact that she was only 22, yet her maturity could pass for someone 20 years older! Wise beyond her years! 😩 

She was such a private person too, but with this album she gave us an inside look as to who the REAL Aaliyah was as a person, singer, daughter, sister, lover, model, actress, dancer, performer and overall…a bad ass woman showing us female empowerment way before any other female artist ever did! 💁

To me, this album is the blueprint that started it all, paving the way for other female artists to learn that it’s OK to step out your comfort zone, trying something innovative and outside the norm. Taking a chance on people who are new to the game because you are willing to take a risk and chance, to create ever lasting longevity, that will forever stand the test of time as one of the greatest! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this album. You all created something during a time where albums actually had value, meaning and depth, instead of just playstreams and downloads etc…Forever grateful for having this physical copy! 🙏💚

As a special surprise I also have a video I made which I would like to share with all of #TeamAaliyah. Here is a rare remix of Aaliyah’s Don’t Know What To Tell Ya (kind of fitting seeing as how the original single was meant to be on the third album, but didn’t make the final cut, until it was eventually included on the posthumous compilation album, ‘I Care 4 U’ released in 2002).☺️
Full credit goes entirely to @saba_hattin via Twitter who kindly shared and managed to find this very rare remix from one of his old CD’s. Thank you so much for sharing with all of #TeamAaliyah! You have no idea how much life this brings to our ears! 😩🙏💚
This particular track was aired on the French radio station Skyrock & remixed by Dj Goldfinger around 2003. Here’s to our highest most exalted Queen! Happy listening! 😉❤️

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