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Craig Seymour Interview with Janet Jackson & Jimmy Jam: Talking about Aaliyah & Missy Elliott

Seeing as how yesterday marked the 6 year death anniversary of Michael Jackson (Rest his soul), I felt it would be appropriate to post this detailed written interview courtesy of Imogene who kindly shared this via the Aaliyah.PL Forum. Thank you so much for this! It was definitely a pleasure to read, and I couldn't help but to share with the rest of #TeamAaliyah.

Interviewer Craig Seymour happened to release an unedited audio, 3 hours long, from this particular interview he did with both Janet Jackson and Jimmy Jam back in April 2001. You can download the full audio here right after subscribing to Craig Seymour's mailing list! Below, you will find the main parts referring to Aaliyah and Missy Elliott. Enjoy! :o)

Craig Seymour: Tell me... Aaliyah was gonna be on the album, or something? Are you gonna duet? Someone told me that...

Janet: You're kidding... No.

Craig Seymour: What do you think of Aaliyah?

Janet: I love her. I actually met her last year.

Craig Seymour: Why you like her?

Janet: I think she's very talented. I love her music, I love what she creates on her album. I love listening to her voice. I think it's beautiful. She's beautiful.

Craig Seymour: What about Missy? There are all these things that you’re gonna work together too? Missy and the Timbaland’s whole camp…

Janet: Missy's too much... We had talked about doing something together, but we have never done it, and she kept saying NASTY 2000, NASTY 2000...and we never did it, but she was telling EV-RY-BO-DY that we were working together, and we didn't do it...

Craig Seymour: Does that bug you when people say how proud they are, proud of what they have done out of one little conversation at the party?

Janet: …Cuz you never know what’s gonna happen. Things can change. […] I’d just rather stay quiet, and just wait until you know for sure. 


Photo courtesy of Jimmy Jam on his first ever encounter with Aaliyah at the MTV VMA's in 2000.

Jimmy Jam: I love her. I met her at the VMAs afterparty.

Janet: Sweet girl...

Jimmy Jam: I was like... I just met Aaliyah. She's the BOMB. She's so cool. There's a desire to work together. Maybe it isn't the time, but I wouldn't be surprised if we did something together. I'd love to see her as a fan.

Craig Seymour. Do you see her any different from the other teen singers out there like Britney, Brandy, Monica...?

Janet: Her stuff seems beyond her age, that's for sure. That's wonderful.

Jimmy Jam: A lot of stuff is very innovative, and also she has the depth because first of all, she can dance...

Janet: She's sexy... OK... There you go.

Jimmy Jam: ...but she's also acting. She's just someone... that I like. I have no idea. I've never talked about this. I'm sure most women coming up, at some point look up what she (Janet) did in her career... but Aaliyah, to me out of everybody is one of the all time. You know what I'm sayin' ...she really tries to set trends.

Craig Seymour: Right, and not just do the same old stuff that everybody else does...

Jimmy Jam: It's just fun to watch.

Craig Seymour: You know... It kinda surprises me how quickly her acting career has taken off like... ...we already talked how you set the ground for all the people, but often it means other people get opportunities that you didn't have at that point in your career, you know what I mean... Do you see that at all?  In a way, she's where you were with your Control album, or Rhythm Nation album... She can kinda do all these things...

Janet: We were also talking about putting certain things aside... You know... "I'm gonna do that project over that project" and I think that's what actually she's done... She was working on her album, and another film just came up... [...] and she had to put things aside, and move to Australia to work on it. I think it's great though...  that she moves into films. She obviously loves what she's doing. [...]

Jimmy Jam: People believe Aaliyah as an actress & want to buy her records, watch her videos, because it's the mentality now... Back then it was [Janet] quits doing "Fame" to do the music career.

Aaliyah & Jimmy Jam, back in 2000. 

(Source – Imogene from Aaliyah.PL Forum)

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