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The Aaliyah Archives News: Unreleased Photoshoot From Eric Johnson

Hey guys! Here's some more Birthday love for our Babygirl. It's always great coming across ultra rare stuff when it comes to Aaliyah, and low and behold The Aaliyah Archives has more to share! :o) Photographer Eric Johnson kindly decided to share a collection of very rare, unreleased photos, just in time for her 35th Birthday. If you notice carefully, Eric shared one of the black and white pictures last year as a treat for all us fans (after the first black and white picture shown below) so I guess he has finally decided to share the rest of his collection to the world, and who can blame him! These photo's are absolutely stunning.

For a bit of background knowledge, the photos themselves were shot during the final year of her life for Entertainment Weekly. You can also read down below a quote from Eric himself, describing the very notion of the photoshoot, and further telling us how Aaliyah was as a person in general. All I can say is that this has truly made my day, and I hope it does for all of you out there too! Enjoy everyone! Much love! :o)

"Recently. Johnson went through his negatives from the shoot, revealing a series of portraits the world has never seen. “She was on,” Johnson recalls. The consummate professional, Aaliyah arrived early at the shoot with her mother. Before Johnson’s camera, the triple-threat reveals endless facets of an artist coming into her own".

(Source – Kempire Daily)

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