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Aaliyah Archives News: Rest In Peace Eric Ferrell


Heartbroken to even post this, as the news still hasn't sunk in 😔🤧😪💔....Unfortunately it is with great sadness to confirm that make-up artist and glam squad member @ericferrellmakeup has passed away on November 6th, 2020. Cause of death has yet to be confirmed by his family, but we send our deepest condolences out to all those who were near and dear to our beloved Eric Ferrell.

Words cannot fathom how I feel right now as I write this. I am truly at a loss for words as this was so unexpected. truly were a kind hearted, beautiful spirit and it's no wonder Aaliyah wanted to have you around her, having so much trust in you to absolutely slay her for any event and music video shoot!

You were there from her very earliest years of Aaliyah's tomboy phase, to seeing the very woman she grew into becoming. Thank you for always replying back to the fans and sharing and showing that love through all your candid, fondest memories. May you rest in peace eternally King. You will never be forgotten....Peace love and light....🙏🏽❤


Eric Ferrel's sister made a video to announce and speak on any speculations or rumours regarding Eric's untimely passing. Shout out to Sam Cook for sharing this. Watch below...

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