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Smif-N-Wessun: Memorable Studio Moments With Aaliyah

🔁 via @247hh on YouTube of an interview with @teksmokeelah and @generalsteele from Hip-Hop group Smif-N-Wessun. Here they share their memories of working with Aaliyah in the studio on the song #NightRiders with their other formed Hip-Hop group members Boot Camp Clik. Watch the full interview below!  If you would like to skip to Aaliyah's part, go to the video around 2:39. Enjoy! 😊

Love watching interviews like these as it truly gives an insight on to how Aaliyah was as a person. It's always been nothing but love, when people share their memories about Aaliyah. ❤️ I also like how @buckshotbd was the only one able to speak to Aaliyah, I would be the same way too! Telling a Queen like Aaliyah what to say? 😩 Her aura and presence alone would just instantly light up a room period. Truly special, and dearly missed...🙏🏽 

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