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Aaliyah Archives News: Aaliyah's Legacy

Let's talk about Aaliyah's legacy, a woman who could do it all...sing, model, act and dance. An impact so influential that she still continues to inspire to this very day, so what does her legacy have to show for it?

As some of you may be aware, Aaliyah's legacy has been through all the trials and tribulations, from Wendy 'Wendell' Williams Lifetime Biopic movie, to the 'Surviving R.Kelly' docu-series, not to mention her music not being available on streaming platforms! The very craft that Aaliyah put all her hard-work into, ultimately losing her life from what she loved doing the most. So what exactly is the catch and what exactly is going on?

A lot of fans have been left so disappointed and outraged at the level of incompetence from Aaliyah's estate that it has left a lot of us questioning their integrity and motives. Yesterday, a lot of commotion surrounding Aaliyah's official YouTube page broke out as news came out that it is not run by Aaliyah's estate but by a fan. A message was left on the 'community' section of YouTube where the fan of that page posted this...

Interestingly enough a lot of fans have forgotten about the main official channel which was originally run by the estate. The page was called Aaliyah Official which had a HQ version of Aaliyah's MTV Diary. Unfortunately due to copyright reasons the video was taken down by Viacom, and since then nothing new has been added to the channel, which was started back in 2015. The fan of that YouTube account also posted another message which you can read below here...

Honestly...I commend this fan for even having this YouTube account, as if it wasn't for them, half of the music videos that we have today would cease to exist!! Let that sink in! As each year goes by, Aaliyah's legacy is slowly fading away...If it wasn't for us fans holding it down for all these years, no one would even know who Aaliyah was period. Until her music is released on streaming platforms, I honestly cannot see the silver lining upon the heavenly clouds...

What do y'all think? Also...please check out fellow Team Aaliyah member Tony Turner, who highlights all the flaws and why Aaliyah fans are so fed up. He also has a lot of other interesting videos about Baby Girl, so be sure to check them out!

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