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Aaliyah: Don't Know What To Tell Ya Remix Snippet (Rare)

🔁 via @silverlandofficial “Photo of the @aaliyahdanahaughton wall in the silverland studio. Had the privilege of remixing her track "Don’t know what to tell ya”. Have a video clip of her so will try to find it to post online. It is great to see so many communities of Aaliyah fans sharing their love of her and her music ❤ #music #Aaliyah #Silverland #Studiolife #DanceMusic #Producerslife #EDM #RedRhythm"

Thank you so much for sharing as well as the tag! It’s always an honor speaking to those who personally worked with Aaliyah! 🙏💚 If that's not all, Silverland Official also shared a close up of their music plaques which you can view below...

Alongside a video snippet of a rare remix version of Aaliyah's 'Don't Know What To Tell Ya'. All I can say is that I would love to hear the full version, as this snippet alone gives so much life! Listen below and enjoy! 😉

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