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Happy 38th Birthday To Aaliyah Dana Haughton!

Happy 38th Birthday to the beautiful Aaliyah Dana Haughton. 🙏💚 Normally I always draw something every year, so I’m quite disappointed within myself for not being able to do anything this year 😞 But seeing as it is our beloved Babygirl’s birthday, I thought I would share this never before seen rare for everyone! 🙊💕 (SN: I’m currently working on getting a decent slide scanner so that we can see this beauty in HQ. But for now….enjoy! 😉😘❤)
This is how I imagine Aaliyah right now, getting turnt up on her born day 😎 lol She was always so full of life and positive energy! 👑 Despite all the trials and tribulations I’ve been going through in my personal life, not a day goes by where this Queen doesn’t put a smile on my face. It’s because of her that I am able to become a more positive and better version of myself. Continuously seeing her angel signs on a daily, just like today when I saw 79p at the store, and that alone turns my frown upside down 😊 Thank you for always being there for me through your words, music as well as in my dreams (where it was a pleasure to see your beautiful smile once again, as if I were physically near you!) Your entire aura and energy transcends far deep than what anything or anyone can measure. Today we celebrate the 22 years of your life, that you gave to all of the world to see. Thank you for being a positive motivating force within our lives…One love ❤ 

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