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🔁 via @jonathanmannion: “Reasoning. #Aaliyah fans get ready. @anyaayoungchee x @jonathanmannion. The creative exchange is so essential to making the magic. It’s a blessing to have amazing friends to collaborate with! First time she saw the entire session.” | My heart! 😩❤ I’m so excited now! 🙌💕 Thanks @ahleeyah for all the tags! Much love to you! 😘💕

🔁 via @anyaayoungchee: “Immersing myself in the iconic images of #Aaliyah shot by @jonathanmannion on a super rainy day in the city… Plotting a sick collaboration! These are moments to remember 🙏🏽 #AALIYAH x #MANNION x #ANYA”

As you can see, there are some exciting things unraveling away for the 25th anniversary, and if that's not all...check out a few more posts which Jonathan Mannion himself posted...

Anybody familiar with this background? Well you should be, since this is the very backdrop Jonathan Mannion used for one of his photoshoots with Aaliyah. Here is one example from that particular shoot...

And here's what Mannion had to say about it...

Jonathan Mannion: “Original Aaliyah backdrop that I’ve had for all these years! Things are brewing! @anyaayoungchee and I are at the formative stages. Aaliyah fans, please send good vibes our way!”

As you can see from Mannion's captions, things are brewing for all of us Aaliyah fans! I simply cannot wait to see what is in store for everyone! *Sends all the positive vibes in my being*.

I also came across another post, can you spot Aaliyah's name amongst Mannion's archives? 

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