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One In A Million: The Video Collection

Here is a collection of all the hit singles from One In A Million. Now obviously, when you have a producer like Timbaland you are bound to find remixes of the original. One in particular that you'll find below would be Hot Like Fire. I actually prefer both versions with the original being very jazzy and soulful in comparison to the remix, which is very edgy and Hip-Hop oriented. Although majority of the other songs were remixed too, I shall get back to you guys on the remix collections at a later date, since there are so many to list, I would rather have them all together in one post where it is easier for you to find. So stay tuned for that! :o) 

If you are a true Babygirl fan you will notice that Aaliyah had a lot of family and friends in the background of her videos with people such as Lil Kim, her brother Rashad Haughton and even her very own mother and father! Anyhoo, please feel free to share and enjoy all these forever classics, from a very classy woman. :o)

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